In 1991 the Plaza de Toros de Cali and its Foundation saw fit to formalize the existence of an institution that meets the objectives of promoting bullfighting in our city, through a taurine pedagogy in theory and practice.

Consolidated legal status Bullfighting School of Santiago de Cali, begins the entity to receive donations from the Plaza de Toros Foundation, the operating area is located and teachers are brought Spain. In 1995 the building has classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, gym where life runs the training of future skilled who will ensure the validity of the fiesta brava is built.

Currently the School is organized in a Board of Directors whose Director General Dr. Ernesto Gonzalez; Academic Council is comprised of Mr. Carlos Blanco as Academic Director, the matador Enrique Calvo “El Cali” as Artistic Director and teachers Alfonso Lopez (physical education), Luis Balanta and Rafael Gomez (taurine training) Morenita del Quindio (Videos bullfighting), Angela Cabal (psychologist) and Ana Maria Galvez (personal training). the instruction given is directed to form bullfighters, junior foot or on horseback, for which theyhave the opportunity to practice directly in celebrations steer acquired by the school for this purpose. In addition, they show a sociological, physical and basic knowledge of the various aspects of bullfighting and its regulatory guidance.

School students participate in novilladas from other cities and other schools worldwide, which has meant it to be the first Bullfighting School of Colombia at national and international level.Their presence in the world of bullfighters meetings has been important recognition.

Righties Diego Gonzalez, Hernan Ruiz “Gino”, Alejandro Gaviria and Paco Perlaza have started their training at this school. Likewise, the minions walk Gustavo Garcia and Alex Benavides, and subordinates on horseback Rafael Torres, Luis Tamayo and Fernain DEYMAR Menesses.

The requirements to enter the Bullfighting School are:

¨ Be between 10 and 15 years
¨ Certificate of study or work
¨ parental permission to enter the School
¨ Have implements goad
¨ professional work into the art of Cúchares
¨ Class schedule: Monday through Friday from 7 to 12 in the morning.

Practical courses: are held weekly at the Plaza. They consist in the fight to death by students, young bulls four years. This activity is done under the supervision and guidance of their teachers, with the aim novilladas prepare for and implement the knowledge imparted to them in theory and bullfighter lounge.
Novilladas: are scheduled for the last quarter of the year and these students who have performed the best during the school year participate in the workshops. Heifers are without picadors for students with less experience (Steers 2 or 3 years old) and choppers for more advanced students (young bulls of 3 or 4 years).
Attendance at these heifers is preferential for subscribers Cañaveralejo and doors are open for all the fans.