The first BlackBerry smartphone arrives in Colombia

After 10 months of its launch in the International Fair of Consumer Electronics (CES), which takes place in the US city of Las Vegas, the first BlackBerry smartphone arrives in Colombia.

 Its worldwide launch took place in January this year during the International Consumer Electronics Fair (CES ), which takes place in the US city of Las Vegas. Ten months later, the first smart phone of the Canadian multinational arrived in Colombia.

This is the BlackBerry KEYone, a smartphone with Android operating system, manufactured by TCL Communication under the license agreement signed with BlackBerry PGP Limited in December 2016. TCL also manufactures phones for the Alcatel brand.

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It should be remembered that the Canadian company BlackBerry announced in September 2016 that it would stop developing mobile phones and that it would subcontract its production to other companies, after revealing that it had net losses of US $ 371 million in the second quarter of last year.

BlackBerry based the differentiation strategy of its product on three main lines: design with intelligent physical keyboard, security and productivity. The entry price to the Colombian market will be $ 2,299,000 and will be distributed to the general public by Ktronix and the corporate by Claro.

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Why a physical keyboard?

In an interview to Dinero, the commercial director of BlackBerry for the North of Latin America, Patricia Arteaga, said that they made a market study and found that people long for the physical keyboard . “There’s something you can not do with a touch keyboard and it’s writing without looking,” adds Arteaga.

The keyboard has 52 customizable shortcuts, is predictive and is the first keyboard with fingerprint sensor built into the space bar.

In addition, the phone has a 4.5-inch screen, 8 MP front camera and 12MP back.

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The safest Android?

The manufacturers claim that the new BlackBerry is the safest Android on the market because it has a strengthened operating system and a unique technique to establish a root of trusted hardware by adding security keys to the processor.

That is to say that, in the words of Patricia Arteaga, “each component of the phone is digitally signed and follows a sequence that is verified every time the phone is switched on or restarted. If someone wanted, as with other brands, remove the processor and put another to extract the information from memory, here immediately the phone is aware because that sequence will not match and does not allow the information to be extracted “.

On the other hand, BlackBerry is committed to getting an update of security software at least once a month , according to Arteaga. Additionally, it has a security application called Dtek that allows the user to control the accesses of all applications.