Alert about abusive prices in locksmith show

The association Cerrajeros Cordobeses Asociados (Cerracor) denounces that some multiservice companies are charging “exorbitant amounts” for opening the door of a house or changing the lock. Vicente Suárez, vice president of Cerracor, points out that the usual price that a locksmith usually charges for opening a door when the owner of the home has lost the keys or left them inside “is 40 euros, but there are companies that are charging 200 and up to 300 euros. ”

Suarez adds that to change a lock the normal thing is to charge between 70 and 80 euros, “and they charge 400 euros”, and says he has come to see bills that included 80 euros per displacement, 70 for urgent service and 90 for labor , “it’s a real bluff, but when a person is on the street and wants to enter your house, pay anything, although sometimes it would be cheaper to go to a hotel.”

To fight against these abuses, “that affect us all the reservoir locksmith, because they put us all in the same bag and we have to defend our honor and our professionalism”, a group of Cordovan locksmiths have joined in Cerracor. This association works as a network of professionals who offer the same prices in similar jobs, have 24-hour service, “and customers can choose by proximity to their home.” The headquarters of Cerracor is in Infanta Doña María, 61, and the telephone number is 957 29 77 59.

In addition, Vicente Suarez advises all citizens to “ask for a budget before ordering a job and call several professionals, because they can verify that not all charge abusive prices.” He also stressed that it is the multi-service companies that most frequently present these exorbitant bills, “and the one that is doing the most damage in Córdoba is one that distributes orange stickers on the portals, and those with the largest ads in the yellow pages” .


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