Discover the first Colombian canine breed

An investigation by students of the National University, members of the Animal Genetics Study Group, confirmed that Colombia has its own breed of dog.

It is the Colombian fine hound, a famous example among peasants and lovers of hunting.

After traversing several lanes of the country, the researchers found this first creole dog in the country, which has medium size, good smell, short hair, almond eyes and long ears.

The animal, in the department of Santander is called ‘tinajero’, on the Caribbean coast they call it ‘chapolo’; In Antioquia, ‘bramador’ and in the rest of Colombia is called ‘fine’, for his hair, his skin, his ears and his sense of smell.

According to Jonathan Álvarez, a student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science at the National University, the first stage of the research consisted in verifying the permanence of the dog in the rural communities in which it was created.

After traveling through different areas of Colombia, the group found that it is easy to locate these animals in the rural areas of the Suárez River pot, the Coffee Eje, the eastern plains and the Caribbean coast.

With the help of Richard Martínez and Daniela Rodríguez, members of the study team characterized the can morphologically (shape and structure) and morphometric (body measurements to verify the similarity in their dimensions).
The objective was to determine if it had traits transmitted from generation to generation that allowed its prevalence over time. The researchers estimate that this breed is 200 years old and knew that even Guillermo León Valencia had one for their hunting sessions.

According to Álvarez, “it is sought to make a registered selection of the breed so that it maintains the same phenotype that has been preserved the peasants for many generations, cultural and genetic heritage of the country.”

After the discovery, the researchers decided to create the Colombian Finehound Club Association to promote the breed that is little known in the cities and change the perspective that it is only a game animal, since it is a specimen “sweet and noble that is Can have as a pet and adapt to the city, “they say.

With the Association, the students hope to register the founding specimens that meet the original characteristics of the breed, begin to improve their breeding conditions and optimize defective characteristics caused by poor breeding and treatment of rural life.

As it would not be the only race of the country, this group of the National will continue investigating Colombian canine races and will provide List of small breeds.
It is expected that it will be recognized as the national race by the Colombian Canine Club Association, as well as by the International Cynological Federation when the scientific supports are completed.