Ten tips for bullfighters (and not bullfighters) take care of their feet

So forgotten at times, they endure pedestrians of bulls of more than 500 kilos

Above them holds the backbone of bullfighting . And the bullfighter. Goad on legs, with full weight on the feet, so Juan Belmonte . Not still or with her. These limbs, so necessary for anyone and essential in the bullfighter’s profession, are sometimes too forgotten by men who wear lights. Athletes foot, feet artists who sometimes support stomping bulls over 500 kilos, or the tripping of a hoof that leaves full of bruises or scratches a map of skin. They are the means of locomotion to stop and continue the journey. In and out of the arena.

There are feet that seem taken from the concave and convex mirrors Valle-Inclan, the hardness to which they are subjected and their lack of care. Above them, so strong and so flexible pace, life, value and art is based. Composed of 26 bones , 107 ligaments, 33 joints and 20 muscles, these are some of the tips recommended by podiatrists College Community of Madrid , not applicable to bullfighters and matadors.

Here is the guide to the feet can handle and ride healthy and healthy way:

1. Examine your feet with regularity but not hurt.

2. Dry them very carefully after daily washing , especially between the toes, and rehydrate .

3. Cut nails straight across, but not too short, and monitor any possible alteration (increased thickness, color change …) that can hide any illness.

4. Select either the type of footwear . In addition to flat shoes or brogues campers, you have to choose the right shoe and preferably buy it at the end of the day , when this part of the body is more extensive. They must protect and fit the foot, but without oppressing them , and be of natural materials , with a wide toe box . In the case of toreras: the heels not exceeding five centimeters.

5. In addition to the typical bullfighting footwear is recommended to alternate a pair of shoes and discard them when they are deformed or worn.

6. While in the ring sometimes a sword sheds shoes (in case of rain, for example), outside must avoid walking barefoot , to avoid injury or infection.

7. Be wary of home remedies , because sometimes not only relieve pain but not causing others.

8. Preferably use socks and socks made of natural fibers and seamless (especially for diabetic and sensitive feet).

9. Check cracks and wounds in the foot. Addressing the advice of specialists recovery time injuries , despite the hackneyed ” bullfighters are of sterner stuff .”

10. Foot pain is not normal. If it persists, consult a specialist. Do not forget to visit the podiatrist!

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