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At the initiative of Antonio Pineda we have started a project aimed at locating films about Joseph, good films of runs good films another subject in which they inserted part of these films.Antonio has sent us this list of Free Movies Online, via “grace toreadora ” , which happened to detail. If anyone has knowledge of other titles or know how to locate the movies, I beg you tell us by placing a comment to this post or sending an email to DEATH oF JOSELITO producer: Gaumont  May 1920  .

Documentary produced by the famous Parisian producer Gaumont who introduced the two days of his burial This company began engaging in the sale of photographic and cinematographic equipment, and ended up being one of the largest producers in the origins of European cinema, where directors such as the aforementioned Jose Gaspar formed.

(1920) TRAGIC DEATH OF JOSELITO [Original title: JOSELITO OR tHE LIFE AND DEATH OF a MATADOR] director: Jose Gaspar Producer: Regia Art filmDuration: 34 minutes the documentary was filmed by the Catalan director Jose Gaspar (Manresa 1892-Barcelona 1970), author, among other works, of numerous documentaries, among which the first was filmed in order to record images of the city of Malaga in 1914, with bullfighting scenes included.

The film is divided into three parts: 1st José Gómez was born in Gelves (Sevilla) on May 8, 1895. It becomes a full bullfighter September 28, 1912, and soon charmed audiences with its elegant bullfighting, arty and courage. 2nd In a memorable run bulls in Madrid, Joselito kills seven bulls; She reaches the peak of his career in the fifth bull, and at the end of the bullfight on theirshoulders out of the square. 3rd On May 16, 1920, Joselito dies in the bullring in Talavera de la Reina, killed by a bull named “Dancer”. After his death the clinic bullring becomes the chapel. His body is buried in the cemetery of San Fernando in Seville, with the presence of many people related to bullfighting.

According to the toreadora Grace , “at the following link some images that possibly belong to the work of Fructuoso Gelabert can be observed” Tragedy of Joselito in Talavera IS NOT SO: Important. In the first images seen below left the producer ‘s name. Regia Art Film. It is therefore of “JOSELITO OR DEATH OF A MATADOR” Jose Gaspar’s actually the same film on the film library “TRAGIC DEATH OF JOSELITO” Jose Gaspar “1920 Here the link to see the movie (click on the two cuadrdos q appear in the lower right of the photo to view the movie) edge (1920) JOSELITO LIFE AND DEATH  Producer: Segarra This, anonymous director documentary was produced by the company Sagarra. Shows images of the birthplace of Joselito, Gelves, and what surrounded the tragedy of Talavera and burial in Seville. (1920) CATCHING AND DEATH OF GALLITO (THE TRAGEDY OF TALAVERA) Producer: Rafael Salvador (Portugal)Mounting : Fructuoso Gelabert  Tags: Pedro de Répide Duration: 1 hour June 1920 is one of the best known since the work of management, selection of archive material and assembly was given by the known Fructuoso Gelabert. Gelabert (Barcelona, 1874-1955) is one of the great pioneers of Spanish cinema.

Producer, director and camera operator, was a researcher in the field of film technology, to the point that made its own model of camera, with which he filmed considered first Spanish story movie, Tiff in a coffee (1897). He came to shoot up to 29 documentaries, two of them, in addition Joselito, bullfighting theme: Bullfight with Antonio Fuentes and Bullfight with Ricardo Torres Bombita 1908. In the documentary in question, premiered in Portugal on 20 June, had the script for signs of Pedro de Répide, journalist and writer from Madrid, who wrote most of the major national media, as the Liberal, Black and White, New World. The work was published and distributed by Rafael Salvador producer specializing in issues toros.La film offers us images of Joselito at home, fighting in the field and in the ring. Numerous images of Ignacio Sanchez Mejias also appear (1920) DEATH OF JOSELITO director.

John Oliver Producer: Pathé (Vilaseca and Ledesma) This documentary was directed by fellow Catalan Joan Oliver, who had initially emerged as cinematographer. It was produced by Vilaseca and Ledesma for the company Pathé. The documentary focuses exclusively on everything surrounding the death of Joselito, with special emphasis on image retrieval burial and samples of popular fervor.

The Basque Parliament bans smoking in soccer matches and bullfights

Comprehensive Care Act Addictions and Drug Addiction prevents consumption of snuff glass water pipe and alcohol in sports grounds and equates electronic and conventional cigarettes

The fans of Athletic Club de Bilbao may not return to smoking a cigarette while watching a game at San Mames. The Basque Parliament approved yesterday, with the support of all parties except UPyD, the Law on Comprehensive Care for Addiction and Drug Dependence, which prohibited, with some exceptions, consumption of snuff and alcohol in venues where sporting events are held and will prevent smoking in certain bullfights. The law also establishes the same limitations for electronic cigarettes.

One of the most striking and controversial aspects of the standard is related to the restrictions set out to snuff and alcoholic beverages. Article 40 prohibits smoking “in all enclosed spaces and semi – public use, accessible to the general public or places of collective use, regardless of their public or private places.” With half – closed spaces, the text refers to “all areas located outside enclosed areas that are covered by roof and walls more than 50% of its surface that are not ventilated by outside air”.

This general restriction has a except, that opens the door to the possibility of smoking in dining and similar collective societies. The same article indicates that, in the case of spaces privately owned public use and non-profit, consumption of snuff “may expressly permitted by majority agreement of partner people.” In

addition to this general prohibition, it details a list specific areas where smoking is prohibited.Among them, the sporting facilities mentioned, “including annexed areas closed, semi – closed and outdoor”. However, in these outdoor areas, you can enable “annexed to the space hotels, which must be clearly delimited and marked places.”

The law also prevents the consumption of snuff in “theaters, cinemas and other public events carried out in enclosed spaces or semi – enclosed. ” This last generic reference could affect the bullrings, although, unlike what happens with deportivos- enclosures in this case whether the restriction on closed or semi – limited.

Limiting consumption of snuff affects both cigarettes or the like, as electronic cigarettes. Article 47 of the text indicates that “consumption by devices capable of releasing nicotine, the same scheme applies to the established” for the rest of means of consumption of this substance.

Moreover, Article 31 prohibits the “sale or supply” of alcoholic beverages in facilities “where sports events are held, as well as health, social health and social services centers.” This wording would prevent the sale of alcohol at sports events such as football matches, although not affect the concerts can be held in a sports arena.