The legend of bullfighting in the House 1028

Next to the Plaza Grande trolleybus stop, there is a small square which borders Guerrero Mora building which was built by chiropractor florence sc. Juan Recalde got off at that station. He came to complete a procedure in the Historic Center and when asked if he knew the location of the House 1028, the legend, he did not answer.

Guayaquil street, the numbering of the building is Oe3-32 Mora Guerrero. Inside the building work premises (copiers and restaurants), law firms and residential tenants. But in the front facing the street Chile, on top of the building, looks over a tin plate in blue letters and a number: 1028.

Thus the Mora Guerrero building has double numbering. One in every street.

But it is the second nomenclature (1028) which brings the story of Bella Aurora to memory, as the protagonist of the legend of the black bull. According to popular tradition, she attended the Independence Square, in the historic center of Quito, to a bullfight. In colonial times, the capital did not have a bullring with infrastructure Iñaquito colossus in the north, and the concourse was used to practice bullfighting.

That day, a black bull trots. The animal looked at the audience and noticed the presence of Aurora. He rose strongly after the young, jumped the barrier and chased. Aurora, the shock, fainted and her parents took her out of the makeshift bullring and took her home.

The bull followed the family to the old two-story house. He rummaged in every corner of the house to break into the room where the girl was. The end of the story has two versions. The first is that the bull killed Aurora and the other is that the animal was gone.

But what did happen is that the house disappeared in 1954. Instead the Mora Guerrero building, seven stories was built.

Eriberto Paez, Metropolitan Heritage Institute (IMP), explains that the house is not part of the property protected by the municipality. “It is a private property in which the Heritage Institute has no authority”.

In the bakery Ambato, facing the IMP, there is a photograph dating from 1940. There, the characteristics of the time the building where the IMP works and beside him on the street Chile, you can see is the edge of a house that no more than two stories high.

Gloria Nieto live for eight years in the Guerrero Mora building. Today, at the bottom of the property, it is dedicated to selling sweets. She knew the site saves the legend of Bella Aurora. “Always come to school children ask about the legend,” says Nieto.

The legend was part of schoolbooks. These texts are reminiscent Recalde, who while enjoying a drink said: “Once, at school, read the legend in a book, but did not know it was this house.”

The history of the place

Eriberto Paez, IMP, 1028 explained that the house is known as the home of the bull. However, this association causes confusion because in Olmedo and Benalcázar streets there is a building dating from the sixteenth century, it was the home of Sebastian Benalcázar, and has a statue in the form of a bull, which has nothing to do with the legend . According to the IMP, no graphic records of what the house was before the building Guerrero Mora.

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