Sacred Valley – what are the bulls on the roof?

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What are the bulls found on the roof of the houses in Peru? What do they do there?and why do they put them? … Here we look for some possible answers to these questions.

One of the things that draws attention while traveling through the Sacred Valley in Peru or moving from an archaeological site to another are a bull that people placed on the roof of their houses .

Initially I could not identify who were but stop after only observe in detail that were could see were two bulls. A hen, a basin and a ladder .

Great combination, but what are they ?.

During the stop we made in Aguas Calientes to take the train that was going to climb the town of Machu Picchu we asked a seller’s market.

” It’s for protection, who put them in the houses they make sure that nothing will happen “.

People, not I was staying with a salesperson tell you . Your job is to tell me that is to protect and not to generate a universal cataclysm at home . We agree?.

In addition, I have a theory and some staff with selling handicrafts … I tell them about it.

Returning to the subject of bulls and thinking a little better the bull apparently is admired and adored throughout Peru .

When we were in Cusco in the B & B was a red bull and Ro told me-I want a red bull.

So many things you want …

Another place where we realized that the bulls were important to the people of Peru was in Miraflores (Lima) where there is a giant bull in the Kennedy Park.

Pucara bulls in Lima
I dew hugging her new friend in Miraflores, Lima

Returning to the subject of what they are and they do there. As you can imagine I was not the version of the vendor and this is where my research on it begins.

The first thing to know is that we are called bulls of Pucara .

Pucara is 100 kilometers from the department of Puno in Peru. In this place, where it is Pucara The Great Temple, its inhabitants craftsmen and potters made ​​known bulls of Pucara .

At the train station Pucara is where craftsmen found their place to sell your bull s and that is why people passing by the idea Pucara settled, and the name of “the bulls of Pucara”.

Initially during the festivities of the original peoples of the region were not those used bulls but native animals such as the alpaca is a camelid.

It was only after the introduction of the bulls by the Spanish local decided to give a little more weight to the images they used for celebrations and camelids were changed by bravos and bulls also known as bulls.

The bulls of Pucara have tongue out can have two interpretations.

The first is that it is to represent a brave animal as fighting bulls . The other is a bit more historical and refers to that during some celebrations are the bull’s nose with spicy chilies rasped and this made ​​the bull despaired by licking the nose.

This theory is also related to eyes bulging generally Pucara bulls, ” the runaway bull and cone wide – eyed trying to ease his nose .” Finally, theories.

Interesting is also that some of these bulls is that there are several forms and colors according ask where have different meanings.

But one thing remains common in almost all the bulls that are in color are your ornaments carnival . As was done with camels took the bulls but in a somewhat wilder since these ornaments were introduced into the animal and were hanged the same .

Along with the bulls you can be found a ladder or a source . According to the observations of the first Spanish this represents the Southern Cross constellationfor Andean.

The professional association of anthropologists in Australia has an excellent study of the totemic symbolism of these cute little bulls in Matrix Roofing Melbourne as sort of experiment to their cultures and tradition.

Returning to research …

According to the general belief toritos are placed on rooftops, roofs rather to attract prosperity and good fortune to those who live in the house . This time the seller was right.

Pucara bulls - bulls peru - Roof - Roof
This is the couple that suit toritos travel souvenir

At last account we returned with more bulls than we thought. Ro took two to Asuncion and I brought two lovebirds, one for home and one to give away.

No less important fact, these friendly toritos always go in pairs , so if at some point fall into a market erased by being stingy leading in and buy the couple … Do not be thing that luck and good fortune come halfway.

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