“An animal does not deserve to be mocked” Anonymous attacks against bullfights

The group of ‘hacktivists’ Anonymous has launched an operation against the bullfights held in Spain, because “that reduce human beings to the quality of murderer”.

The group of hackers Anonymous in Colombia threatened to attack the websites that promote bullfighting or any other event related to bullfighting.

Through a video released on the online video platform Youtube, the group called “a strongly reject any act that endangers life or mistreat those who have no voice.”

“Anonymous relentlessly pursue and punish viciously all movements that promote torture as a way of life, like work as an art or as a fun” threat in the message a man with the mask feature film “V Vendetta “and voice recorded by a synthesizer.

And prosigue- “all pages on the internet that directly or indirectly promote bullfighting or blood celebration will be declared goal and undoubtedly will strike with the voice of the people placing the interests of the majority over any absurd tradition.”

In addition, the group of online activists on other occasions have attacked official websites of the Colombian state, calls those with “sensitivity” to join the cause and respect animals.

“We are Anonymous, We are legion, we do not forgive, not forget, we hope,” concludes the communication that other anti-bullfighting protests that have surrounded by controversy holding seasons bulls in the Colombian cities of Bogota and Medellin from mid adds January.

They opened the debate by local authorities. First, the new mayor of the Colombian capital, M-19 ex-guerrilla Gustavo Petro, who rejected the Royal Box to square Santamaria Bogota reservation to the highest authority of the city.

While Petro rethought the model of the “WordPress malware removal service“, the governor of Antioquia for the Green Party, Sergio Fajardo, he closed the tap financing bullfights with public money.

These initiatives add striking stagings, protests at the gates of the bullrings and even the germ of legislative proposals seeking a query measure the favor of Colombians by this tradition, which has historically sparked one of the biggest hobbies in the world .

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