Bullfighting, before the FP Bullfighting: ‘As the title of DJ, protected by the Constitution’

A student of the bullfighting school of Jaen, practicing. THE WORLD

Incredibly, there is a degree in Education DJ (Disc Jockey) . Aspiring professionals in the bullfighting sector have never been a consideration, despite the legislation, and not only they, protect them. The Constitution says in Article 44.1 su: “This article is, therefore, something more than the recognition of the principle of¬†cultural freedom , as it entails the requirement of a public activity in order to cultural and scientific development and promotion (.. .) the right to culture belongs, as has repeatedly stated doctrine, gender rights provision. the public authorities must make available to all culture (…) “. And bullfighting is part of the essence culture, tradition and law decree signed by the Socialist government of Zapatero¬†with the initialling of his vice president Chaves. He remembers the visible head of the Association of bullfighters , Juan Diego Vicente Hernandez, and opens new paths: “It is an opening of the labor market than in other areas is normal: a degree”.A title like wedding dj melbourne maybe? Why not truant or banderillero? Joke: if it comes to “click”.

But bullfighting is more than an art, is a cultural product with an economic impactnational 3,500 million euros -including direct taxes, indirect, hotels, restaurants, transportation, utilities …- and employability that rubs 200,000 jobs.

Ignacio Lloret, lawyer and businessman of the bullrings of Valencia and Zaragoza, remember what in 2011 was achieved under the tutelage of the PSOE, the transfer of Interior to culture: ” It was one of the most important achievements of history,the entrance at the Ministry of Culture and recognition of the Government of Spain through Royal Decree of its status as an artistic discipline and cultural product “.As if it was not clear in the lines of the Constitution that defends Lloret with his arguments: ” Give constitutionality of the ban on an artistic discipline violates the constitutional right of every citizen to artistic creation and the constitutional mandate for the government to ensure the integrity of the Spanish artistic heritage. it is equally clear that radically prohibit a cultural product is violating the constitutional right of access to Spanish culture has everything. “

At the bottom of the issue, beats an effort to give it a policy to schools of Bullfighting protection .

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