Bloodless bullfights on Youtube, videos of bullfighting equated with making bombs and drug use

YouTube wants a bullfighting without blood. Bloodless. Portuguese style. “It could have videos of bullfighters with the layer or crutch,” a spokesman of Google video site. “But no biting or killing the bull,” they add. The controversy erupted Thursday to close YouTube channel with videos of @PabloLopezRiobo bullfighting because it is a bull channel. Explained from the giant ‘on line’ they have the right to buy youtube hits and remove content that does not meet the stipulated requirements contained in its Terms and Conditions “without prior notice and at its sole discretion.”

And note this point contained in the rules that specifies that you can not publish videos “with bad stuff like animal abuse, drug abuse, or bomb making.” That is, bullfighting videos equates with making bombs and drug use.

“And the company is entitled to withdraw any video that does not comply with these terms and conditions”, top from YouTube, where ensure that the rules are the same for any country in the world and that there are no specific country. In any case, from the video site say it is the user community which has to report a video. “We do not have cops watching,” they add. Thus, it recognizes that, full of bloody images, videos antibullfighting be withdrawn “if there are users who request”.


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