Best movies on bullfighting

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The fiesta brava has served as inspiration for the industry film . A lot of films have shown what lives in the world of bullfighting.

Here are the list of the top 5 movies made by putlocker that you can not miss, all of them are available to watch movies online free on  movie4k

1. Torero


Performed by the Mexican bullfighter Luis Procuna, his impressions about death and fear of a next run. Towards the square, remembers his life and incidents around your career. After his victory in the ring, the matador returns home and re-experience the fear of a new bullfight.

 2. Blood and Sand


It is a Spanish film directed by Javier Elorrieta, it tells the story of John, a young man who is always his dream to be a bullfighter, regardless of the tragic death of his father, who died in a bullring as a flagman. The story also has the romance he has with Sun, a rich woman and pride, which flirts with him first and then reject

 3. Neither blood nor sand


1941 Mexican film, the protagonist is remembered Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” who by having a strong resemblance to Manuel Márquez “Manolete”, people confuse it for a run

After the bullfighter “Manolete” have an accident, it is taken to the infirmary, while attendees in the race they want to take on the shoulders of his great victory, but leave confuse the “Chato” and they bring it to him. There begins a fun and entertaining story.

 4. Tarde de toros.


The posters are posted the Ricardo Puente, Juan Carmona and Rondeño, skilled who are about to take the alternative. The first is an old torero, a large in the past, who now lives full of rancor and bitterness. Paloma, the woman with whom he lives, is resigned to remain his mistress and bear the instability of this torero forgotten. By contrast Carmona, it is a torero fashionable and accept contracts to fight in Latin America; however his wife Isabel pressed to reject the offer.

 5. The blue bull


Wrapped in the fascination of the bullfighting world, a young man living in isolation in the field trying to shape his obsession. After a long period of training and delivery will begin to build a space to carry out his great work.

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