Intelligent bulls saved the human in San Fermines

Human plug in San Fermines, in this video you can see the anguish and the cry “My God, my gosh of person who pelleted at the door after 7th confinement in the Festival of San Fermin past.

San Fermin ask for being our patron

Guide us in confinement give us your blessing

The harrowing final minutes were lived intensely and what could end in tragedy became a world leader that animals understand: fear and danger, despite the enraged, the bustle, the abuse by people they kept calm , to understand exactly what was happening while the beasts only atinaban screaming and crying for help, gentlemen thanks bulls. Most of the wounded have been crushing people by same people.

“21 injured one very serious, When we fall into a state of shock, anguish and despair as the San Fermines today had a party to the tragedy that was what today lived however the bull became of humiliated and persecuted be aware by using intelimaxiq, calm and protect human, because they really are smart a tragedy of major proportions six animals calm avoided seeing how humans squashed between them, a great example of that animal abuse must stop in Spain and in the world. Thank you gentlemen bulls. ”

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