The Foundation

The Plaza de Toros de Cali Foundation was the social consciousness of a group of shareholders having actively participated with the Plaza de Toros since its founding, the company sought to make an emporium for the city.
This led them to determine that all economic and financial benefits stopped running bullfights were channeled through the Foundation to contribute to solving multiple needs that the lower classes of our city.

On 22 April 1971 the charter of the Foundation was signed, then being elected a Board of Directors with Mr. Marino Rengifo Salcedo as President. Later the Anonymous Society Toros Square contracts with Foundation where authorized as an entrepreneur for the organization, presentation and exploitation of bullfighting to be held in Cali.

The social work of the Foundation is made through donations, in cash or in kind, to non-profit that offer health services, education, recreation and community safety.

It should be noted that neither the presidents of bullfighting institutions and members of the boards of directors receive no remuneration for their work, which also ends up being a contribution to society caleña.

The option of offering credit payment of fertilizers aims to provide fans the acquisition of their jobs and generate higher returns to be invested in the quality of posters for bullfights, maintenance of the Plaza de Toros, the administration, promotion of bullfighting and donations to social welfare institutions.

Annually there are many institutions that have been favored, are among them:
Departmental Hospital Colombia Solidarity
Hospital San Juan de Dios
Hospital Lions Club
Colombian Red Cross
Institute for blind and deaf children
Bullfighting School of Cali
Funación The Cottolengo
Corporation Roads

Cañaveralejo subscribers know that every ticket they buy to enjoy the fiesta brava is an invaluable resource for the welfare of our society caleña, much needed in some sectors contribution.