Bullfighting, before the FP Bullfighting: ‘As the title of DJ, protected by the Constitution’

A student of the bullfighting school of Jaen, practicing. THE WORLD

Incredibly, there is a degree in Education DJ (Disc Jockey) . Aspiring professionals in the bullfighting sector have never been a consideration, despite the legislation, and not only they, protect them. The Constitution says in Article 44.1 su: “This article is, therefore, something more than the recognition of the principle of cultural freedom , as it entails the requirement of a public activity in order to cultural and scientific development and promotion (.. .) the right to culture belongs, as has repeatedly stated doctrine, gender rights provision. the public authorities must make available to all culture (…) “. And bullfighting is part of the essence culture, tradition and law decree signed by the Socialist government of Zapatero with the initialling of his vice president Chaves. He remembers the visible head of the Association of bullfighters , Juan Diego Vicente Hernandez, and opens new paths: “It is an opening of the labor market than in other areas is normal: a degree”.A title like wedding dj melbourne maybe? Why not truant or banderillero? Joke: if it comes to “click”.

But bullfighting is more than an art, is a cultural product with an economic impactnational 3,500 million euros -including direct taxes, indirect, hotels, restaurants, transportation, utilities …- and employability that rubs 200,000 jobs.

Ignacio Lloret, lawyer and businessman of the bullrings of Valencia and Zaragoza, remember what in 2011 was achieved under the tutelage of the PSOE, the transfer of Interior to culture: ” It was one of the most important achievements of history,the entrance at the Ministry of Culture and recognition of the Government of Spain through Royal Decree of its status as an artistic discipline and cultural product “.As if it was not clear in the lines of the Constitution that defends Lloret with his arguments: ” Give constitutionality of the ban on an artistic discipline violates the constitutional right of every citizen to artistic creation and the constitutional mandate for the government to ensure the integrity of the Spanish artistic heritage. it is equally clear that radically prohibit a cultural product is violating the constitutional right of access to Spanish culture has everything. “

At the bottom of the issue, beats an effort to give it a policy to schools of Bullfighting protection .

Bloodless bullfights on Youtube, videos of bullfighting equated with making bombs and drug use

YouTube wants a bullfighting without blood. Bloodless. Portuguese style. “It could have videos of bullfighters with the layer or crutch,” a spokesman of Google video site. “But no biting or killing the bull,” they add. The controversy erupted Thursday to close YouTube channel with videos of @PabloLopezRiobo bullfighting because it is a bull channel. Explained from the giant ‘on line’ they have the right to buy youtube hits and remove content that does not meet the stipulated requirements contained in its Terms and Conditions “without prior notice and at its sole discretion.”

And note this point contained in the rules that specifies that you can not publish videos “with bad stuff like animal abuse, drug abuse, or bomb making.” That is, bullfighting videos equates with making bombs and drug use.

“And the company is entitled to withdraw any video that does not comply with these terms and conditions”, top from YouTube, where ensure that the rules are the same for any country in the world and that there are no specific country. In any case, from the video site say it is the user community which has to report a video. “We do not have cops watching,” they add. Thus, it recognizes that, full of bloody images, videos antibullfighting be withdrawn “if there are users who request”.


Best movies on bullfighting

film projector

The fiesta brava has served as inspiration for the industry film . A lot of films have shown what lives in the world of bullfighting.

Here are the list of the top 5 movies made by putlocker that you can not miss, all of them are available to watch movies online free on  movie4k

1. Torero


Performed by the Mexican bullfighter Luis Procuna, his impressions about death and fear of a next run. Towards the square, remembers his life and incidents around your career. After his victory in the ring, the matador returns home and re-experience the fear of a new bullfight.

 2. Blood and Sand


It is a Spanish film directed by Javier Elorrieta, it tells the story of John, a young man who is always his dream to be a bullfighter, regardless of the tragic death of his father, who died in a bullring as a flagman. The story also has the romance he has with Sun, a rich woman and pride, which flirts with him first and then reject

 3. Neither blood nor sand


1941 Mexican film, the protagonist is remembered Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” who by having a strong resemblance to Manuel Márquez “Manolete”, people confuse it for a run

After the bullfighter “Manolete” have an accident, it is taken to the infirmary, while attendees in the race they want to take on the shoulders of his great victory, but leave confuse the “Chato” and they bring it to him. There begins a fun and entertaining story.

 4. Tarde de toros.


The posters are posted the Ricardo Puente, Juan Carmona and Rondeño, skilled who are about to take the alternative. The first is an old torero, a large in the past, who now lives full of rancor and bitterness. Paloma, the woman with whom he lives, is resigned to remain his mistress and bear the instability of this torero forgotten. By contrast Carmona, it is a torero fashionable and accept contracts to fight in Latin America; however his wife Isabel pressed to reject the offer.

 5. The blue bull


Wrapped in the fascination of the bullfighting world, a young man living in isolation in the field trying to shape his obsession. After a long period of training and delivery will begin to build a space to carry out his great work.

Training fighting bulls – a Spanish culture

Leaving aside the controversy that has been created with the bullfighting theme in Catalonia, there is no doubt that bullfighting has always been something very representative for our country. Who not is has crossed the famous Osborne bull on any road? How many Spanish flags to have this drawn animal? We like it or not, I toreo is one of the things for which we are known abroad. In the not-too-distant past, the toreros were which married with the folk, who had more fame, and most beloved by the society. However, a good run not only requires a good torero, but also a magnificent Bull.

The origin of a fighting bull is even before his own birth. First of all the studs, which are those that are only for procreation, they are classified according to their bravery. Each of them also with around 50 females. Here is the important part of the process. The females are tempted with horse and capote so see the onslaught they have. Once seen this, they choose best onslaught females and meet the wildest stallions. This will be 9 months in gestation period before giving birth to a true Bull.

The power of this type of bulls is fundamentally based on feed. During the first 6 months of life, is left that the mother follow nursing her calf, but already from the second month, will introduce you different types of feed in their food.

At the beginning, usually introduce forage crops based on cereals such as wheat, later added bean feed, beans or peas. Finally, feedingstuffs, animal and vegetable are added. When they are selected for a bullfight, they are fed primarily with compound a while before having personal training gym NYC.

Though it may seem surprising to some experts the fighting bull is considered a pet, since its existence and survival it depends exclusively on the human species, which is is occupied by their selection and their food. It would be impossible for this species to survive to his free will.

Before having a “utility” exclusively ludic, bovid domesticated started a nutritional purpose. These cattle were selected cattle with higher “fierceness”, which were in fact the more complicated to handle for breeding, for popular shows, which later gave rise to the bullfighting.

Intelligent bulls saved the human in San Fermines

Human plug in San Fermines, in this video you can see the anguish and the cry “My God, my gosh of person who pelleted at the door after 7th confinement in the Festival of San Fermin past.

San Fermin ask for being our patron

Guide us in confinement give us your blessing

The harrowing final minutes were lived intensely and what could end in tragedy became a world leader that animals understand: fear and danger, despite the enraged, the bustle, the abuse by people they kept calm , to understand exactly what was happening while the beasts only atinaban screaming and crying for help, gentlemen thanks bulls. Most of the wounded have been crushing people by same people.

“21 injured one very serious, When we fall into a state of shock, anguish and despair as the San Fermines today had a party to the tragedy that was what today lived however the bull became of humiliated and persecuted be aware by using intelimaxiq, calm and protect human, because they really are smart a tragedy of major proportions six animals calm avoided seeing how humans squashed between them, a great example of that animal abuse must stop in Spain and in the world. Thank you gentlemen bulls. ”